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I have skills acquired across a broad range of settings, and experience that I'm positive would benefit your various needs. Engagements undertaken over the past 20-plus years have provided a background which is professionally diverse, resulting in often being able to see all kinds of new possibilities for organisations from a range of perspectives.

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BA History (with additional Information Systems papers), Dip. Multimedia Design, Grad Dip. Event Management, Dip. Public Relations and Communications Management. Considerable practical experience over 20+ years in Planning, Promotions, Management, Operations Logistics work. In addition, Analytics and Comms advice given to Individuals, Business, Govt Depts and Non-Profit Institutions.


To provide completely independent, proven advice coupled with practical implementation (where needed) gained from a range of Industries: Engagement (in Events), Organisational Management, IT Management, Web Development, Communications (Internal/External), Social Media and related Business Services as applicable. High-level Analysis (Systems and Process) is applied across all areas.


In addition to Government and Community-oriented / led initiatives, I have particular interests in the Creative Sectors. I place a big value connecting with new people, cultures and experiences, innovative thinking and solutions, with a great work/life balance (naturally!).

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Other Business Services


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I have a perspective that considers how an organisation, small to large, public or private, can extend itself in going forward to meeting the challenges of the modern world. This is a world that embraces new uses of technology, new ways of connecting and interacting. I'm someone you can get to assess, and suggest, great ways to meet those challenge now... and in future. I've helped individuals, businesses and organisations of all types locally, nationally and internationally. If you think I can help you, get in touch!


A lot of what we do these days is connected to how people meet, communicate and extend their influence: I can help achieve this for your unique work, your unique business, your unique services through my experience in high-profile Events, Promotions, Social Media, other Communications advice, Web and IT management, along with analysis and improvements to critical Systems. I believe that basing solutions on what you actually need, not just what's "in", is the best way to truly help you...

Connecting people

Thanks to my time working in roles demanding agile thinking and decision-making, I have a unique outlook geared towards connecting to the real needs of people in challenging situations - helping to enhance the way individuals, businesses and institutions alike collaborate, augment and share their skills and services as they go about what they do on an every-day basis. Call me to find out how these perspectives can enhance what you do, whether involved in public and private business, Govt or other Institutions.

Project Range

Just a sample of engagements I've been involved in helping to realise follows below, across
Government Departments, Public Organisations, Corporate and Private Business

CubaDupa Festival

Key Production Assistance,
Operations, Logistics

Auckland University
ICEL Conference

Web Development, IT System

Auckland University
Project asTTle

Key Strategic Advice, Web Development

AMI Round the Bays

Key Planning, Management Advice
Ground Logistics, Team Management, Operations

NZ Min. of Health

Website Migration, Change Management Processes

Rugby World Cup
(NZ 2011)

Transport Logistics (Team Travel)


IT Management, Web Management

Jetski Champs (NZ)

General Operations

Chocolat (UK)

Web Development, Business Advice
Strategic Communications Advice

Unisys (UK)

Network Management

Critical Feedback

The best recommendations are from people I've worked with. Here's a sample...

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